Authorize.Net Integration

Integrating your site with Authorize.Net can seem like a daunting and complicated process. With our experience as Authorize.Net certified developers we know how to properly plan, estimate and execute your project. We provide each client with the level of personalized attention required to deliver their project as requested, on time and on budget.

Why Hire Us?

  • We're located in the USA
  • We're a family run company and have been in the Web industry for over 11 years
  • You'll be discussing your project with an English speaking representative
  • Phone, Online Chat, or email ... we can discuss your project in a format that's convenient for you
  • Our representatives know, understand and can discuss any method of Authorize.Net integration (SIM, AIM, ARB, CIM)
  • Our team of web developers are experts with the system and can competently and professionally implement your project
  • We provide each and every client with the personalized attention expected for their project, regardless of the project size and scope

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Authorize.Net Rescue
Is your current developer in "over his head" with your integration? Is your project running way past deadline?

Please click here so that we can gather some information on your project or call us at 631-580-1632 to speak with a representative to discuss your project.

Need an Authorize.Net gateway account or merchant account?
Granite Web Design, Inc has partnered with Authorize.Net® to offer you affordable and reliable payment processing services including a payment gateway and an optional merchant account. Click here for additional details. If you have any questions, please call 888-323-4289 Monday through Friday, 7 AM - 4 PM Pacific time and mention Preferred Reseller ID "261541".


Featured Client Testimonials


Authorize.NET Integration
Type: SIM Integration

"We contacted Granite Web Design to help us integrate the SIM payment module with The Granite Web team is extremely knowledgeable and professional! The customer service they provide is top notch!! We are extremely pleased with the results of the upgrade. We highly recommend Granite Web Design."

David Britt, Co-Owner, Pius Media


Authorize.NET Integration
Type: AIM Integration Rescue

"I contacted Granite Web Design because my online website was literally out of business due to an issue with our credit card interface. John took my call, understood the urgency of the matter, and actually cared enough to help me personally and right away. He was very knowledgeable, helpful and had us up and running within a few hours. The prices are reasonable and the price quotes for the job are accurate and fair. It is so refreshing to work with caring, honest people. I look forward to using them for future projects and highly recommend them."

Lynda McCulloch, Co-Owner, Vacation Rental Station


Authorize.NET Integration
Type: AIM Integration

"The Granite Web Design team responded so very quickly to our need of setting up recurring payments on our website. They listened carefully to fully understand the scope, were diligent about closing the gap with our website host, and got us up and running in a matter of days! Not only was the level of service outstanding, they genuinely cared about the end goal, and made sure everything worked perfectly."

-Cathleen Windham, Head of Marketing & Development, Oasis Center


Authorize.NET Integration
Type: AIM Integration

"Granite Web Design recently completed a UPS and integration project on our custom-built PHP and Javascript-based customer order form. The outcome was exactly what we were looking for, and throughout the entire process they were very professional, helpful and informative. The project was completed to meet our specifications in a very reasonable amount of time. I would recommend Granite to anyone who has a need for custom UPS or implementation. "

-Sandra Habel, Internet Manager, SKS Bottle & Packaging, Inc.


Authorize.NET Integration
Type: AIM Integration

"I contacted Granite Web Design for my web project because of their reputation for helping small companies like mine. I was delighted to work with them through each step of the process. From the beginning, John, at Granite Web Design was very courteous and knowledgeable about my project. The results were excellent, and I’m very satisfied with them. I would like to return to Granite Web Design for my future projects when they arise! Thank you, John and your team, for your good work! "

-Kaz Kuroki, Owner, Studio-RK


Authorize.NET Integration
Type: SIM Integration

"I was very excited to partner with Granite Web to provide integration with payment processing for one of the web development projects I manage. I found the Granite Web team extremely professional, responsive and knowledgable of the integration options with The successful partnership with Granite Web allowed for key function of my project to launch successfully. "

-Susan T. DelMoor-Rodriguez, President, Bright Future Technologies


Authorize.NET Integration
Type: AIM Integration

"Working with Granite Web Design was a revelation.

We have operated several sophisticated, high volume web properties over the years and have dealt with many programmers. None were close to Granite. John and Company were friendly and welcoming from the outset. They provided us with a complete and well developed estimate, and proceeded to deliver on time and on budget.

But the real magic of working with Granite was the literally headache-free execution. We have never before experienced the level of care and detail orientation they provided. Our project required a multi-layered integration between our point-of-sale, Authorize.NET, an existing MySQL database, and our admin interface – with zero tolerance for error. Throughout the process Granite demonstrated a total mastery of their craft and a keen insight into our needs. They made a complex process easy and when the time came, we went live with seamless continuity.

Highly recommended! "

-J. Kemish, President, Sky Blue Financial Services, Inc.


Authorize.NET Integration
Type: Simple Checkout

"I am so pleased in the work that Granite Web Design did in cleaning up the integration of my website with Authorize.Net. I was having trouble with the script and couldn’t figure out where the errors were to correct them.  John found them and completed the work in the specified price and time he thought it would take.

It was a pleasure to work with Granite Web Design. They are friendly, professional and I would highly recommend them for your web design needs."

-Alan Margot, President, CleverTennis, Inc.


Authorize.NET Integration
Type: AIM Integration

"After my former hosting co, (CWI hosting) lost all my website data and having worked with several hosting companies previously, each failing drastically short on their so called "commitment to excellence". Things like, hosting down time, email only support, phone numbers that never answer, inexperienced Techs that pass the buck, etc. It was time to search for a new web base service company. I chose GRANITE because I was told that they would provide the services I needed and the support I expected... to my delight they stepped up to the task.

I’ve worked with John at GRANITE to integrate web-hosting, web-page development and gateway integration to to whom I’m totally grateful, everything I needed was done professionally, knowledgeably and in a timely manner. I haven't had any problems with the hosting; web-site issues, support has been live and terrific and best of all, my web problems have all gone away. All of this with one phone call to the right company, GRANITE, and my hero John. GRANITE is a business built to succeed.

With GRANITE you get the service you need and expect. Listed are only a few
1. Professional and honest staff
2. Knowledgeable staff, sense of urgency
3. Live telephone support, quick email response
4. Affordable prices."

-Charlene Stampora, Partner, Mediation Training Group


Authorize.NET Integration
Type: AIM Integration

"Our very busy College Dormitory business had been manually processing credit card payments for years.  With the acquisition of other new properties we were unable to keep up with this manual process and needed some help.

Our first look at designing a system to work with Authorize.Net did not seem too difficult.  Then we looked deeper in to the project and realized that we had some very unique data needs and requirements.  What had started out as a simple project quickly turned complex, and we knew we needed help.

After searching through the Authorize.Net Developer Network and talking to many ‘Developers’ we settled in with Granite Web Design.  What attracted us to Granite was the truly professional approach to analyzing and setting scope, goals, and costs.  To say that John and his staff are thorough is an understatement.  

Credit Card processing on our website was new to us and there were many aspects we did not understand. John took the time to explain the overall process and how Authorize.Net works with your site to make you and your company more productive and efficient.  He then went on to explain how he and his staff could develop a solution for just our purpose.

With this type of professional approach, the Customer will have a clear understanding of where your project with Granite is going, and what it will take to get there.

Our project was designed and laid out with dates and costs that were on-time and very reasonable.  

I would highly recommend you consider them for any of your web design needs ."

-Thomas B. Owen, Director of Information Systems, The Bromley Companies


Authorize.NET Integration
Type: SIM Integration

"I have been working in the interactive and digital space for seven years and there are specific qualifications I look for when working with a digital firm. Granite web meet these qualifications in spades.  John and the team were personable, knowledgeable, and fantastic to work with.  Not only did they deliver what I needed, but they brought new and innovative solutions to the table. I highly recommend working with Granite web."

-Matt Lei, Manager, Simple Guy Diet


Authorize.NET Integration
Type: SIM Integration

"Granite Web Design has done a seamless job in assisting St. Michael’s Parish Day School in accepting credit cards online. At first, this appeared to be a daunting task, we didn’t know how to begin the process. John at Granite Web Design provided a solution for us in no time at all. Our sincerest thanks goes to John and his staff!"

-Christine M. Longo, Development Director, St. Michael's Parish Day School


Authorize.NET Integration
Type: SIM Integration

"I would like to let you know how glad I am that I came across Granite Web Design. I was at my wits end with the integration of my site with Authorize.Net. I had several people (including the people I bought the script from) trying to figure out and correct the errors I was having between my script and I was at the point that I was ready to scrap this project and lose out on the countless man hours that were already tied up in this site. In a last ditch effort, I went ahead and contacted Granite Web, as I came across numerous people that were raving about their work. Much to my surprise, not only did they figure out the errors and correct them, they completed the work for the price quoted as well as completed the work within the time line that they specified. Looks like I will also be one of those people raving about their work.

Thanks again for your professionalism and great work."

-Kevin Brock, Owner,


Authorize.NET Integration
Type: AIM, ARB Integration

"It is with great pleasure and unwavering confidence that I wholeheartedly recommend Granite Web Design to anyone lucky enough to find them. I am not one to focus on the negative but in order to adequately describe my experience with Granite - I first need to describe how and why I found them.
I found Granite after having a terrible experience with a web developer who turned out to be non-responsive, verifiably dishonest, missing in action for up to a week at a time (on several occasions) and who promised way more than it turned out they could deliver both on timeframe and site functionality. I ended up scrambling to find a replacement who I could be sure would not repeat my previous experiences.
I feel so gratefully fortunate to have found Granite and to have decided to place my business in their incredibly capable hands. Not only did John, the President of Granite, spend an enormous amount of time on our very first call discussing my site problems but he "took me under his own wing" to personally see through and even spent the weekend working to help me sort things out and get my site back on the right track. My site is extremely complicated because of the back end functionality it needs to have and not only did Granite know how to troubleshoot and fix the existing problems perfectly but they also knew how to design from scratch and implement additional high-end, customized features that were still needed. Additionally, they really seem to know the system inside and out and were able to help me with implementing that aspect of my site. I am not someone who speaks the language of web design or coding and I am grateful that my partners at Granite speak both layperson's language and programmer language. They have always made things simple to understand for me and they always take the time to teach me things about my site so I can do things myself if I choose to (or ask them to do which they are always more than happy to do for me). They communicate with me each step of the way regarding the actual work they are doing, the pricing and expected timeframe.
Granite Web Design is incredibly responsive, more than capable of even the most complex site functionality, extremely reasonably priced and more than fair with their time estimates (and will do whatever it takes to squeeze the timeframe down if I am in a pinch). They treat my business as if it were their own (even going so far as to fix things that "technically do function" but were not really set up quite in the right way). I trust Granite Web Design implicitly and I am very grateful to have found them for my programming and site maintenance needs as well as hosting my site. I give Granite Web Design my highest recommendation and welcome anyone to contact me if they would like further details about my experience with this exceptional company. "

-Lily Jensen, President, Path To Abundance, Inc.,


Authorize.NET Integration
Type: AIM, CIM Integration

"John and the staff at Granite Web Design are lifesavers. I turned to John and his team after I realized that my developer who I had outsourced was not going to be capable of completing an essential step of my site—connecting subscribers to the payment gateway so that we can charge them. I had promised several key people that the site would be launched by a certain date—this date happened to be one day before I contacted Granite Web. I had spent an entire week prior troubleshooting this issue with my development team and countless hours posting on online help boards and on the phone with my payment gateway company. After one phone call with John, he was pretty certain of not only what the problem might be, but also more effective ways to test the site so that we could quickly resolve the issue rather than continue playing “trial & error.” John laid out a plan of attack and assured me that he would resolve the issue and the site would launch as scheduled. He delivered.

I would recommend Granite Web to anyone and everyone. I say this not only because they are extremely competent, but also because they have a great way of doing business—John takes a methodical approach to collecting all of the relevant information and then sets out a plan, tells you exactly what he’s going to do, how long it’s going to take, and how much it’s going to cost, etc… This provided me comfort even before they were able to fix my issues that things were being handled in the most efficient manner.

In addition to the reasons above, I would recommend Granite Web because they are nice people. John takes a personal interest in making sure that I am satisfied and that things are working properly. If I ever have a question, I feel comfortable enough to email John and know I will receive a response at his first opportunity. Not because he is trying to sell me more services, but because he sincerely cares. This goes a really long way "

-Brandon Rosenblatt, Owner, Urban Hanger Dry Cleaning & Laundry Service


Authorize.NET Integration
Type: SIM Integration

"I have a very small vacation rental business and needed to include a payment option on my website to allow for the use of credit cards. I am not a "tecky" kind of guy at all and trying to write the language needed to incorporate this was way beyond my capability. I was so lucky to find Granite Web Design. They made it so easy for me, and all on a budget I could afford. Right from the beginning I could tell this was going to be an easy transaction. They were readily accessible on phone for questions and followed up in detail via email spelling out what was needed and confirming what was discussed on the phone. In just the matter of a few days I was up and running with a tested site that looked and operated seamlessly. Thank you so much Granite Web Design!"

- Tom Merrick, Owner Waikiki Place LLC Vaction Rentals, Honolulu HI


Authorize.NET Integration
Type: SIM Integration

"As a small-business owner I continue to reevaluate my company expenses in an attempt to reduce overhead and operational costs. After recently changing the company responsible for my merchant account processing, I required better integration of credit card payments with my existing website. Granite Web Design did an exemplary job with this integration, and completed all the required programming, testing and final implementation in less than a week. John was always available to answer questions and offer guidance, and his professional yet friendly manner made the change seem effortless on my part. I have already shared this excellent experience with other business colleagues and would highly recommend anyone interested in this type of web integration to contact John and his team at Granite Web Design to complete the task. Superb work!"

Nick Gravina, Owner, Waikiki Ocean View Condos LLC

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