How to add wholesale functionality to your CS-CART retail site.

The following article details how to add the ability for customers to request a wholesale membership on your site and then require an administrator approval before they are approved/active.

1) Create a new user group:
- Log in to your administration panel, open the "Users" tab and click the "User groups" link.
- Click the "Add user group" button on the right.
- Enter a name of a new user group into the "User group" input field in the opened "Add new user group(s)" window (e.g. Wholesale) and choose "Customer" in the "Type" select box, click the "Create" button.
For more detailed information on managing user groups, please see the following URL:
2) Open the "Administration" tab and click the "Settings" link.
3) Enable the "Allow customer to signup for user group" check box in the "Users/cart" section and click the "Save" button.

In this case, after registration the customer will be able to sign up for the user groups (e.g. Wholesale) by clicking the "Join" link on the "User Groups" tab of the Profile details page in the storefront.
After this the request should be approved by the administrator.

In order to approve the "User group" requests you should:
1) Log in to your administration panel, open the "Users" tab and click the "User Groups" link.
2) Click the "user group requests" link on the top.
3) Select the desired users and click the "Approve selected" button in order to approve the several requests, or manually approve the desired request by changing its status to "Active".

Additionally, you should see the following related topics regarding User Groups:

Creating a User Group for Wholesale Customers

Applying Discount to Specific User Groups

Defining Product Wholesale Prices for certain User Groups

Displaying Certain Products for Certain User Groups

Displaying Certain Categories for Certain User Groups
- In Admin Area, in Catalog section, click on Categories.
- Click on Edit for a category.
- Scroll to the Availability section of the page. Here you can select which User Groups can access this category.

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