2Checkout / Verifone API Integration Services

Granite Web is a provider of 2Checkout / Verifone API integration services for WooCommerce and custom web applications.

2Checkout / Verifone offers a robust API as well as flexible connectors to provide a seamless integration layer. With these features, you can manage all aspects of online purchases, sell via any channel, integrate any business model, have control over your branding elements, as well as retain and service customers from your preferred systems. Enriched API and web hooks connect the storefront to your own website or app, providing a seamless interface across multiple channels and touch points, whether desktop, mobile, or in-app. Some of the features include:

  • Utilize the API to manage purchase flows, order details, access payment data, manage invoice delivery, handle product info by SKU, extract complex data, monitor billing and contract cycles, and much more.
  • Use the 2Checkout API to create and control online sales and support one-off purchases, subscription sales, renewals, or upgrades. Integrate ecommerce into your single sign-on solutions or device/platform agnostic app stores.
  • Put the focus on your brand. Use the 2Checkout API to completely brand the end-customer's buying experience. Using the 2Checkout Nexus is an easy way to sell internationally while leveraging your brand for maximum trust.
  • Extensive testing and debugging capabilities make it easy for your developers to quickly become proficient with the 2Checkout API. The API Nexus is covering SOAP, JSON, and REST. Developers can also use SOAP functions to test orders and get deep visibility into usage logs through the API.
  • Leverage the 2Checkout API to accept major payment methods and multiple currencies in over 100 countries. Gain instant PCI compliance and store credit card info securely. Automate back-office and administrative functions related to orders and transactions with Instant Payment Notifications (IPN) and License Change Notifications (LCN).
  • Centralize customer management, including support for role-based access control, and view customer and subscription data from a single interface. Manage subscriptions and gain insight into customer and subscription value, stats, details, and history at a glance. Enable your support teams to update subscription info, issue refunds, and track history across multiple activities. At the same time, give customers control over their profile and subscriptions and billing, and extend management capabilities to every touchpoint via API.

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