Path To Abundance, Inc.

It is with great pleasure and unwavering confidence that I wholeheartedly recommend Granite Web Design to anyone lucky enough to find them. I am not one to focus on the negative but in order to adequately describe my experience with Granite – I first need to describe how and why I found them.

I found Granite after having a terrible experience with a web developer who turned out to be non-responsive, verifiably dishonest, missing in action for up to a week at a time (on several occasions) and who promised way more than it turned out they could deliver both on timeframe and site functionality. I ended up scrambling to find a replacement who I could be sure would not repeat my previous experiences.

I feel so gratefully fortunate to have found Granite and to have decided to place my business in their incredibly capable hands. Not only did John, the President of Granite, spend an enormous amount of time on our very first call discussing my site problems but he “took me under his own wing” to personally see through and even spent the weekend working to help me sort things out and get my site back on the right track. My site is extremely complicated because of the back end functionality it needs to have and not only did Granite know how to troubleshoot and fix the existing problems perfectly but they also knew how to design from scratch and implement additional high-end, customized features that were still needed. Additionally, they really seem to know the system inside and out and were able to help me with implementing that aspect of my site. I am not someone who speaks the language of web design or coding and I am grateful that my partners at Granite speak both layperson’s language and programmer language. They have always made things simple to understand for me and they always take the time to teach me things about my site so I can do things myself if I choose to (or ask them to do which they are always more than happy to do for me). They communicate with me each step of the way regarding the actual work they are doing, the pricing and expected timeframe.

Granite Web Design is incredibly responsive, more than capable of even the most complex site functionality, extremely reasonably priced and more than fair with their time estimates (and will do whatever it takes to squeeze the timeframe down if I am in a pinch). They treat my business as if it were their own (even going so far as to fix things that “technically do function” but were not really set up quite in the right way). I trust Granite Web Design implicitly and I am very grateful to have found them for my programming and site maintenance needs as well as hosting my site. I give Granite Web Design my highest recommendation and welcome anyone to contact me if they would like further details about my experience with this exceptional company.

Lily JensenPresidentPath To Abundance, Inc.