The Bromley Companies

Our very busy College Dormitory business had been manually processing credit card payments for years.  With the acquisition of other new properties we were unable to keep up with this manual process and needed some help.

Our first look at designing a system to work with Authorize.Net did not seem too difficult.  Then we looked deeper in to the project and realized that we had some very unique data needs and requirements.  What had started out as a simple project quickly turned complex, and we knew we needed help.

After searching through the Authorize.Net Developer Network and talking to many ‘Developers’ we settled in with Granite Web Design.  What attracted us to Granite was the truly professional approach to analyzing and setting scope, goals, and costs.  To say that John and his staff are thorough is an understatement.

Credit Card processing on our website was new to us and there were many aspects we did not understand. John took the time to explain the overall process and how Authorize.Net works with your site to make you and your company more productive and efficient.  He then went on to explain how he and his staff could develop a solution for just our purpose.

With this type of professional approach, the Customer will have a clear understanding of where your project with Granite is going, and what it will take to get there.

Our project was designed and laid out with dates and costs that were on-time and very reasonable.
I would highly recommend you consider them for any of your web design needs.

Thomas B. OwenDirector of Information SystemsThe Bromley Companies