Authorize Net Payment Gateway Integration Services

Granite Web is a provider of PayPal Checkout integration services for WooCommerce and custom web applications. Granite Web is an Authorize.Net Certified Developer and has successfully completed projects with all integration methods that Authorize.Net offers including:

  • Payments API (Formerly Advanced Integration Method, AIM)
  • Accept Suite
  • Customer Profiles API (Formerly Customer Information Manager, CIM)
  • Recurring Billing API
  • Transactions Details API

Payments API

The Payments API (Formerly the Advanced Integration Method, AIM) provides robust features for processing payment transactions through the gateway. The Payment Gateway, which provides the complex infrastructure and security necessary to ensure fast, reliable, and secure transmission of transaction data. This integration method implies the highest level of PCI liability and burden.

Accept Suite Accept is a suite of developer tools for building websites and mobile applications without increasing PCI burden for merchants. It offers a range of integration options, including JavaScript libraries, mobile SDKs and hosted forms.

Customer Profiles API

You can use customer profiles to enable merchants to tokenize and store sensitive customer payment information on Authorize.Net's secure servers, which simplifies PCI DSS compliance as well as the payments process for returning customers and recurring transactions. The Profiles API supports integration with a website payment form or a proprietary business application. The profiles, which include payment and shipping information, can then be referenced in future transactions, eliminating steps in the transaction process for repeat customers and potentially increasing customer loyalty.

Recurring Billing API

Automated Recurring Billing (ARB) enables you to automatically process installment-based credit card or eCheck.Net payments without having to store sensitive payment data, which is passed directly to’s secure server.

Transaction Details API

The API includes multiple reporting methods which allow developers to access transaction history. Retrieving transaction details through the API is's solution for developers looking to extract reporting and statistical data on existing transactions.

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