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John and the staff at Granite Web Design are lifesavers. I turned to John and his team after I realized that my developer who I had outsourced was not going to be capable of completing an essential step of my site—connecting subscribers to the payment gateway so that we can charge them. I had promised several key people that the site would be launched by a certain date—this date happened to be one day before I contacted Granite Web. I had spent an entire week prior troubleshooting this issue with my development team and countless hours posting on online help boards and on the phone with my payment gateway company. After one phone call with John, he was pretty certain of not only what the problem might be, but also more effective ways to test the site so that we could quickly resolve the issue rather than continue playing “trial & error.” John laid out a plan of attack and assured me that he would resolve the issue and the site would launch as scheduled. He delivered.

I would recommend Granite Web to anyone and everyone. I say this not only because they are extremely competent, but also because they have a great way of doing business—John takes a methodical approach to collecting all of the relevant information and then sets out a plan, tells you exactly what he’s going to do, how long it’s going to take, and how much it’s going to cost, etc… This provided me comfort even before they were able to fix my issues that things were being handled in the most efficient manner.

In addition to the reasons above, I would recommend Granite Web because they are nice people. John takes a personal interest in making sure that I am satisfied and that things are working properly. If I ever have a question, I feel comfortable enough to email John and know I will receive a response at his first opportunity. Not because he is trying to sell me more services, but because he sincerely cares. This goes a really long way.

Brandon RosenblattOwnerUrban Hanger Dry Cleaning & Laundry Service