Enlighteneing Ecommerce Ideas

How To Make Product Descriptions Unique and Compelling

“The problem with republishing manufacturer’s product descriptions is that many other online retailers offer the same products with the same descriptions, so your copy is a type of duplication that lowers the product’s chances to rank well in organic search results.

“Coming up with an original product description, or at least varying it with unique information, is not difficult. Start logging all the support emails you get based on your products. Ask your staff to keep a record of any customer questions about products. Combine all these questions together and your answers can be threaded into the product descriptions. Pretty soon you will have unique and compelling content, which will increase your chances to rank well and be more likely to convert visitors into customers.”

Don’t Ignore Complaints

“Irate customers can be difficult to handle, especially if they complain on the Internet before approaching the merchant. Research the issue. If you are at fault, go out of your way to correct the mistake. If you are the victim of an unjust or insulting complaint, state your case politely, clearly, and honestly. I’ve seen many cases where the online community defends a merchant who is honest and straightforward. Sometimes, the customer isn’t always right. Be vigilant, yet willing to correct your mistakes, when they happen. Doing nothing is the worst response.”

Find a Way to Offer Free Shipping

“Like it or not, free shipping is becoming the standard in ecommerce. Find a way to offer free shipping by eliminating coupons or reducing online marketing budgets. Your conversion rates will be higher, and it is a more direct way to pass savings on to your customers.”