CS-Cart addons for International Checkout, iShop USA, GlobalShopex

Granite Web is pleased to announce the release of our FREE CS-Cart add-ons for GlobalShopex, International Checkout and iShopUSA. Outsourcing the shipping of your international orders through one of our strategic international shipping partners allows you to expand your sales into global markets without all the risk and complication associated with processing CS-Cart international orders. Using one of these international checkout partners, international customers can shop on your site, add items to the cart on your site and then place their order on the international checkout partner site. The international checkout partner then places the order with you and handles order fulfillment to the customer. You only need to deal with the international checkout partner throughout the process and never deal with the international customer directly. Our FREE CS-Cart add-ons for GlobalShopex, International Checkout and iShopUSA allow you to integrate your CS-Cart store with any one of these services. Our CSC-Commerce service also includes these FREE CS-Cart addons for international checkout.