Shopzilla Introduces 2.0 Feed

Guest Blogger from Shopzilla, Bob Caputo, Sr. Director of Account Management, shares why merchants should switch over to Shopzilla’s new ‘Feed 2.0’ template.
Please Note: DO NOT make any changes to your Shopzilla feed without authorization from your Shopzilla Account Manager first.

Hello GoDataFeed Merchants,

As some of you may have heard,Shopzilla recently released a new feed specification which will ultimately allow faster feed processing times and better consumer experience on our websites.

Why Switch to Shopzilla’s 2.0 feed template?

The new format allows you to submit more information for each item such as gender, age group, sizes available and additional images.    Advantages include:

  1.  Faster feed processing and publication of changes to our websites.  We have a new inventory system which is much faster and only accepts the Feed 2.0 format.  Instead of processing files twice a day on a set schedule the new system monitors the Shopzilla FTP site and runs updated files immediately upon upload.  This cuts between 12-24 hours from publication time.
  2. The new files are mapped by column header name and the order or column count changing will not break the file.  Currently if the feed format is changed the configuration breaks and we will continue to display data from the last successful feed which might be stale.
  3. The new inventory system will also process bids faster.  By Q4 bids will process in 2-4 hours whether placed in the Shopzilla merchant interface or through the data feed.
  4. Adding your product attributes to the feed will help shape Shopzilla’s future site information.  Once we have a critical mass of attribute data we will do analysis to find the most consumer friendly displays resulting in higher conversions and sales for your website.

How: The first phase will only support delimited .txt files but XML files will be accepted during later phases.

Once you are ready to make the change YOU MUST NOTIFY US as we need to make a manual change to pick up the new file.  Please call us toll free at 1-877-224-2999 (M-F 8-6 PST) or use the Contact Us form in the Shopzilla merchant interface.

Ready for faster, fresher feeds? To switch over to the new Shopzilla 2.0 template, contact Granite Web 631-580-1632 x112 so that we can open a new support ticket with your GoDataFeed Account.