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CSC-Commerce updated to CS-Cart version 3.0.6

CSC-Commerce updated to CS-Cart version 3.0.6

Granite Web is pleased to announce that it is in the process of migrating to CS-Cart version 3.0.6 for all CSC-Commerce clients. In addition to a huge list of bug fixes, this version features the following cumulative list of key features and enhancements.

  • Abandoned shopping cart/Live carts: Shopping Cart information now includes customer IP address
  • Ability to add taxes and title for a payment method added
  • Ability to select language during installation process added to Community edition
  • Attribute ‘rel=nofollow’ (do not follow links on this page) added to category and product pickers in the customer area
  • Enhanced color picker added in admin area
  • Images: The ‘Alternative text'(alt) field value is added also as image title
  • Memory usage for product list display in the admin area optimized
  • Newletters and email blasts: Ability to import/export subscribers added
  • New customer area skin added
  • Order management: Product price cannot be negative anymore
  • Order management: Colors can be customized for each order status
  • Online payment surcharge taxes calculation added
  • Online payments: CRE Secure: support of Payleap 2.0 added
  • Online payments: DirectOne payment method added
  • Online payments: eMerchantPay payment method added
  • Online payments: Firstdata connect payment method added
  • Online payments: Paysite Cash payment method added
  • Online payments: eWay hosted payment method added
  • Performance enhancements and improvements for customer area
  • Pop-ups: Auto-sized pop-ups support added
  • Quantity discounts: Ability to set percentage discounts added
  • Quick registration functionality added
  • Quick view feature added
  • RSS feed add-on added
  • Shipping: EMS shipping service added
  • Shipping: Smart Post support added to the FedEx shipping service
  • Shipping: USPS Priority Mail Regional Rate shipping service added
  • Shipping: USPS other shipping services updated
  • Taxes: Tax priority is taken into account on shipping taxes calculating
  • The ability to display product tabs in popups added
  • The Shopping Cart content block added
  • The Show this page in a popup window option added to page settings
  • Translation mode was added for settings
  • Product Watermarks add-on added
  • Searchanise add-on added which replaces quick search

* Searchanise is a service for rapid and smart online search. It can easily handle up to 100,000 items of an online store providing instant search results and search suggestions right as you type; click here for details.

CS-Cart Payment Methods and Shipping Methods

CS-Cart Payment Methods and Shipping Methods