Launch of SkyBlue Credit Client Portal

Granite Web is pleased to announce the launch of the SkyBlue Credit Client Portal!!!
This project is the result of over 2 years of collaboration and development between Granite Web, SkyBlue Credit and Pautler Design. Working together we were able to identify some key efficiencies and features for clients that could be implemented via a secure client portal. The portal allows for clients to view their account status, check their progress, securely send messages/files to SkyBlue and update their information. There are also various back-end features to tie in the portal with the back-end system(s) for SkyBlue. For Granite Web, this project involved many hours of: consultation; software engineering & development; testing; and simulated deployments. The project required some very complex back-end integrations and logic implementations requiring very precise planning and execution.

The result was a completed product/project that Granite Web and SkyBlue are proud of and also excited to launch to the public.
This portal is also an example of the SkyBlue commitment to their customers and to being an industry leader in Credit Repair.
If you’re in need of professional Credit Repair services, look no further. Discover the SkyBlue difference at